Price: 35000
Micro-controller Based H-Bridge compact design supported by Microchip ensures high reliability & rugged performance.

  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller Inside
  • PCU Features Enabled 
  • LiFepo4 Battery bank inside
  • USAN BOLT charging with completes charging time of 5-6 hours (Max.) 
  • Pollution free/ Environment friendly. No issue of acid fumes ( Safe for Kids & older people)
  •  2000 complete charge discharge cycles No need to replace battery for more than 5 years
  • Ready to fit Portable model with handle
  • Dynamic controls algorithm based BMS ensure safety of lithium battery from peak current, peak voltage ripple current ripple voltage and safety for temperature rise.
  • RCB (Resettable ckt. breaker) peace of mind from hassles of finding fuse in case of excess load more than the capacity of the system is plugged to the system.
  • Complete Noiseless Operation
  • Exponential time-based overload protection further ensures reliability of the system

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